About Me

I created my first pieces of pottery when I was 18.  Now many years later I am renewing my passion for clay.


My process is to let the clay direct me.  I use carving, scraffito  (applying layers of colored underglaze and carving through for effect) or slip (applying liquid clay) as my design and sodium silicate and underglaze for some features.  Production pottery is not my desire but to make each piece have a unique, and sometimes similar feel by letting the clay tell me when my carving/scraffito/slip is complete.


Throwing on the wheel is my favorite method to create but sometimes the clay just needs to be hand-built to achieve the expression that I desire.

You can find my pieces at the Alder Grove Gallery in Aberdeen. Come see me at the Art Splash Studio Tour where you will be able to see my studio and where it all happens!



Living in Ocean Shores has given me such a beautiful backdrop to continue my enjoyment as a Potter, surrounding myself with nature, quiet reflection, and time. The journey continues...

Vicki Garrett
125 Sunrise Avenue SE
Ocean Shores, WA 98569